Global STEM organisation Trescal have teamed up with STEM Learning to fund placements for disadvantaged students to truly experience the many exciting possibilities of a career in STEM.

Trescal offers calibration services in more than 30 countries and for a wide range of STEM industries including aviation, energy, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

Now their generous £11,000 donation to STEM Learning’s ENTHUSE Charitable Trust will give 12 students preparing to enter the world of work fantastic opportunities at their sites in Manchester and Stevenage.

These are engaging, real life placement experiences for talented Year 12 students (aged 16-17) from disadvantaged backgrounds. The students spend two weeks experiencing life in a STEM organisation – raising their aspirations and equipping them with some of the skills and awareness needed to progress to a rewarding and successful STEM career.

As well as the placements themselves, the students will be closely supported with a combination of hands-on guidance and independent study support packages outside of the workplace.

STEM Learning evaluations into previous similar placements show that they have a hugely positive impact on students and providers alike, with students reporting greater confidence, skills, awareness and motivation.

STEM Learning’s Bid Development Coordinator Liz Whitworth said: “We’re so grateful for this generous donation from Trescal – you can’t underestimate the positive impact these placements will have on the students who are lucky enough to get involved.

“Without the support of our fantastic partners like Trescal, we would not be able to work towards our goal of a world-leading STEM education for every young person in the UK.

“I regularly meet students in person who have been on these placements, and they always tell me how transformative they have been for their career prospects, as well as boosting their personal skills too.”

Karolina Lachi Kolarova, Trescal UK’s General Manager, said: “Our partnership with STEM Learning allows us further knowledge among younger generations, while providing on-the-job training to those who wish to make it their careers.

“We look forward to working with STEM Learning to further young people’s experience and prospects.”